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Transportation Utility Management System (TUMS) - Application launch page

How do I log on? Enter TUMS to go to the Transportation Utility Management System (TUMS).
Log in using a Wisconsin ID.

(To obtain a Wisconsin ID, see section below titled "What is needed before using TUMS?")
Application name Transportation Utility Management System (TUMS)
System downtimes System unavailable weekly:
Monday-Friday from 9:30 p.m. - 3:30 a.m.
Sunday 6 - 8 a.m.
Who should use TUMS? WisDOT Regional Utility Coordinators, their supervisors, and Utility and Access Unit staff.
What does TUMS do? Designed to assist Utility Coordinators with identification of utility facilities impacted by future highway construction projects, followed by the management and tracking of utility coordination in accordance with WisDOT Guide to Utility Coordination and administrative rule Trans 220.
What is needed before using TUMS?
  • Authorization from the TUMS Security Administrator
  • Internet Explorer
  • User training
  • Wisconsin ID

For more information on accessing TUMS, email DOT DTSD TUMS.

Who can perform updates? Use of TUMS is currently restricted to WisDOT Utility Coordinators and their management. For changes in TUMS authorization, email DOT DTSD TUMS.
Who do I call for help? For technical problems with TUMS, contact:

WisDOT IT Service Desk
(608) 266-9434 or (800) 362-3050
DOT IT Service Desk

WisDOT providing utility guidance out in the field.

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