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Construction notes address changes in department policy or specifications that are not included in the contract. Implementation requires a contract change order that both department staff and the contractor agree to. Construction notes offer optional fixes to known problems, but are not contractual mandates. Solutions outlined in construction notes are endorsed by both the department and the industry.

The department issues a new set of construction notes in the early part of the construction season. Additional notes are released during the construction season if an issue warrants a rapid response. Later issuances include or supersede earlier issuances.

Typical construction notes address late breaking technical specification changes, while others may address contract administration issues. Each note provides background information, a problem statement, and a solution to that problem in the form of contract change order language field staff can incorporate in their contracts. Construction notes are advisory regarding cost and thus only make suggestions regarding how the proposed contract change might be priced. No-cost solutions are generally recommended, but many situations will require renegotiation of the contract bid prices for affected items. Some changes may require the addition or deletion of bid items.

Current Construction Notes

2013 Construction Notes

  1. Two-Lane Rural Center Line Rumble Strip

2015 Construction Notes

  1. Roadway Design Software, Cross Section Sheets


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